Twitter is my radio station, Google Reader is my disc player!


I don’t have a single CD in my car (nor an MP3 player for that matter), my wife has about a dozen of CD’s that she listen to all the time and she always asks me how can I drive without music? Well, I can’t, but I love to listen to the music that is played on the radio and not from a CD.

You are probably thinking what the heck I’m talking about?! and what CD’s or radio stations have to twitter or Google Reader?!

So, let me explain.

Think about it like this, when you listen to the music from the radio you don’t really know which song will be played next and if you will like it or not. The anticipation for the next song makes the music on the radio somewhat more interesting and not predictable. In the other side when you listen to your favorite CD’s or MP3’s you basically know which type of songs you will hear and for me this is less interesting.

Twitter is not predictable, when I wrote these lines I followed around 223 people that are divided into 3-4 groups and have another 3 search columns on various topics on my TweetDeck(great twitter client!).
Every new tweet is a song that maybe I like or not but it’s not predictable. On my Google Reader, I read about 20 blogs on different topics but all my blogs are predictable, I know what to anticipate, I generally know which type of information I will get from those RSS feeds and sometimes it’s just plain boring.

In the last couple of weeks I started to use twitter on a regular basis and found a whole new world of information, information that until know you needed to look for but twitter let you get the information right to your hands, all you need to do is just pay attention and read!
Twitter is a huge information index and all you need to do is just know what you are looking for, someone probably already tweet it.

I guess twitter will never replace my Google Reader completely because I love my blogs but twitter sure took the first place in the competition on my attention and because we are just humans and we have limited time to spend every day, my GR is now at the second place.
I think that every time I’m in the mood to “hear a familiar song” I’ll go back to my good old Google Reader.

What about you?
Did twitter replace you disc player?

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Netanel Lev

One thought on “Twitter is my radio station, Google Reader is my disc player!

  1. Dear Netanel!
    I'm exactly like you, I don't listen to CD's when I drive, becouse I prefer to be surprised everytime…
    I don't really use Twitter or Google Reader, but now, after reading your post, I think I will start exploring these areas…

    Well done! keep up the good writing 🙂

    Liah 🙂


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